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Lee Bottom TFR

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Bob Patterson

Lee Bottom TFR

Post by Bob Patterson » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:48 am

I like this ! Looks like a great airport to visit !!
Maybe a Ramble stop someday .... ;-)

Here's their web site - check out all the menu items up top ...
These are OUR kind of people !!


De-fenestrate now ! Linux is the answer !

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Subject: FW: Lee Bottom TFR
Date: Friday 12 August 2011, 12:43:20
From: Rotary motors in aircraft Sent: August-12-11 10:08
To: Rotary motors in aircraft
Subject: [FlyRotary] off subject

Humorous demonstration of our our government overreach

Lee Bottom Flying Field Issues First Ever 'Non-Governmental TFR' 'Sinful
Sunday' Ice Cream Social Protected By 'Myrtle Rose TFR'

The folks at Lee Bottom Flying Field in southern Indiana have
issued what they say is the first ever non-governmental TFR,
dedicated to Myrtle Rose.

Rose, as you probably know, is the 73-year-old woman who was
recently escorted out of a Presidential TFR area by a pair of
F-16s. Rose was out joyriding, as most of us would be wont to do on
a nice weekend, in her vintage Piper Cub, and said she thought the
pilots of the NORAD jets were just admiring her award-winning

So, Rich Davidson, owner of Lee Bottom Flying Field, wrote on
his blog "NORDO" that this Sunday, he was taking "the first daring
step for everyone. On Sunday, August 14th, at 7 AM EST, Lee Bottom
Flying Field will issue the first ever Non-Governmental TFR; from
this point on to be known as a "Myrtle Rose TFR".

"Measured outward in all directions from the center-point of Lee
Bottom Flying Field, with a radius of fifteen miles, once in effect
any and all unknown or unfamiliar government equipment or
representatives will be restricted from entrance. Any such unknown
or unfamiliar government equipment or representatives attempting to
enter Myrtle Rose TFR #00001 will be perceived as a an extreme
terrorist threat and treated as such. Furthermore, government
representatives operating in the area who are not approved to enter
this TFR should review the NORAD rules for interception. Pilots
being joined unexpectedly by two vintage taildraggers should assume
they have strayed into Myrtle Rose Airspace and that they and their
dirt stained F-16s will be escorted out of the area."

In his "official" posting, Davidson said the reason for the
NOTAM is "to protect freedom loving pilots eating ice cream and
peaches from the intrusions of government."

Davidson writes that his larger point is that Presidential
VIP TFRs are largely pointless, in his view, and that "(t)he death
of any President would not bring collapse nor would it bring
anything but a short term change to the stock market. Yes, it would
very emotional and dramatic but I believe it would ultimately
reveal a country immensely capable of surviving such a perceived
calamity. But that is the biggest fear of anyone in D.C."

So, government aircraft, take note of the TFR posted for a 15
mile circle around Lee Bottom Flying Field up to 5,000 feet this
Sunday. They just might scramble a couple of Champs to escort you
down the river.

Kelly Troyer
"DYKE DELTA JD2" (Eventually)

"13B ROTARY"_ Engine
"MISTRAL"_Backplate/Oil Manifold



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