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About the Murphy Builders Site

First, this site is not associated in any way directly with Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing (MAM). The site is operated solely by an aviation enthusiast with interests in MAM's aircraft.

My name is Mike Davis, and I'm a 50 something year old engineer for a satellite ground station communications company, and I live in beautiful Fairbanks Alaska.

I started the Rebel Builders List in 1997 when I first searched the Internet and found that there was no online community for builders of MAM's Rebel type aircraft. At the time I was operating an Internet Service Provider business in the Washington DC Metro area, so I had all the equipment needed to start something up. The Rebel Builders List was an email based system with web based archives. It expanded to include a file library, but did not have a way to link the files to the messages. Also the messages just came in the order they were posted... so there was no continuity to message threads

After a long hard review of the options, I started on the forum based website in late 2011, and moved to it in February 2012. The forum site combined the message and file libraries, and allowed the message threads to remain intact.

In February 2017 the forum site was simplified to allow the software, which had become dated and insecure, to be updated. The simplification was primarily to allow the software to be maintained in a current state, and to keep from falling back into the trap of not being able to patch and secure the software for fear of breaking the site.

The next stage will be handing the site over to a new operator. These updates to the site will also facilitate an easy transition when that time comes.